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​Located on the picturesque shores of Little Bay de Noc. Gladstone is often referred to as “The Year Round Playground” because of its myriad of parks and activities. Gladstone’s main park is Van Cleve, which hosts a playground (Kid’s Kingdom), a skateboarding park, baseball field, basketball court, fitness trail, a beach with water slide, boardwalk, as well as a harbor with boat ramps and fish cleaning station.

Another Gladstone attraction is the Gladstone Sports Park, which hosts several baseball fields, skiing and snowboarding runs and a tubing facility. The Park itself is often rented out for other activities, including wedding receptions, and high school graduation parties.

Gladstone also hosts the Days River Trails, which are hiked and biked in the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, these trails are used primarily for cross-country skiing.

Gladstone had much more tourism in the 70's. Most of it was killed when the state built I75 from St. Ignace to Sault St. Marie, routing the "Around the Lake" tourism directly out of the state into Canada. The second death blow that Gladstone is just recovering from was building the only 4 lane highway in the U.P., completely, for some reason, bypassing Gladstone (and only Gladstone) and making it limited access just from one end of Gladstone to the other end.

These two acts committed Gladstone to bedroom community status for the future. All shopping and many jobs are in Escanaba.

However, the white sand beaches and clear warm water are still there and the many crafty tourists return every year and are not letting on. The rest of the U.P. and Wisconsin coasts are exposed with cold lake water. Only in Gladstone's Little Bay de Noc do these conditions hold true.

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